wine for dinner…

So, my friend comes in to town and we are on a mission to try some of the “nicer” places to eat.

We tried to go to this place, Cafe Du jour. It looked really nice so we called them up and got a reservation.

The guy on the phone was nice and all but he informed us that it is cash only and BYOB.

No problem, we think to ourselves.

So, we try and find a place to buy wine. Look, we are what you called, civil liberty spoiled. Things like beer, wine, pot, liquor? Are low priority for law enforcement in the Chicago. It isn’t perfect, seriously, but grabbing a quick bottle of wine before dinner is not a problem.

I had to ask a new Pittsburgh friend where to buy wine. I was informed there was only place to purchase and that it closes at 5 p.m.

Huh, we thought, this is a French restaurant, will beer work?

The only option is this place.

The thing is? I don’t need a case of beer. Why can’t you buy a six pack? Are they TRYING to make me a beer lush?

This is absurd. Reservation cancelled.

Edit: On August 3rd, 2016, I found out that Pittsburgh’s Giant Eagle on the South Side now sells, get this, six packs. Welcome to the 20th century and GOOD job!!

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