So…this is what happened…

I was racing bikes professionally and the season came to an end. I was traveling all over the country representing my team and country racing against the best racers in the world.

I got home in Chicago when the season was over. I had lived there since 1991.

It was time to stop racing. Rest.

It was time to get a job.

And you know what? I was offered a great job at an old school law firm in Pittsburgh.

I asked a few people what they thought and was shocked to hear that “Pittsburgh” is awesome.

Ok, so, I decided to move. I didn’t know anyone and grabbed the first apartment I could on the South Side and set off on this new adventure.

No one warned me, it seems, about the behavior patterns of locals in Pittsburgh.

This is really the most bipolar place I have ever been to. One moment you are being greeted at every turn. I have been said “Hi” to randomly almost daily. Which, as a Chicagoan is odd and makes us feel, well, uncomfortable. The next moment? I am being called an asshole.

What gives? What’s with all the anger? I don’t get it.

I have been here since September, 2015. A friend recently visited this city and walking around commented that this city has a really depressed vibe.

Almost daily, I am witness to SOMETHING that is really angry and absurd. Comments which I can’t imagine EVER saying to a complete stranger what fly through the air here.

With that, Angry Pittsburgh is here and I hope to document some of the “fun” I am having in this, well, “city”.

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